Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (2023)

Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China

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Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (1)


  • Location: Shenzhen
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 2005
  • Number of employees: 150
  • Main product: PET bottle blow molding machines
  • Other Products: Bottle Filling Machine, Water Filling Machine, CSD Bottle Filling Machine, Juice Filling Machine, Water Purification
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (2)

With over 25 years of experience in the PET bottle blow molding industry, ibottling is the leading provider of high-quality, innovative solutions for all your plastic bottle needs. ibottling's commitment to technological excellence and customer service has kept them at the forefront of the industry.

From their state-of-the-art facilities in China, they are able to offer a wide range of turnkey solutions and fast response times to all clients.

With its extensive product line, bottling can meet the most stringent product requirements and production specifications.

Their extensive experience handling custom projects and special assignments means they manage assignments to deliver the results that matter.

Whatever your machine requirements, from injection blow molding machines to stretch blow molding machines, ibottling is there for you. Whether you need a single device or an integrated system throughout your manufacturing process, ibottling offers comprehensive solutions every step of the way.

With qualified engineers on staff who understand both sides of the supply chain equation (suppliers and customers), ibottling has led with experience since day one. This level of professional responsibility makes them an invaluable asset in today's ever-changing market for PET bottles.

  • Ort:Zhangjiagang
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 2007
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Main product: PET bottle blowing machine, filling machine and mold making
  • Other products: water bottle filling line, injection/blow molding
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (3)

Zhangjiagang Eceng Machinery Co., Ltd is concerned with PET Bottle Blowing Machine, Filling Machine and Mold Making. The company, which started with PET bottle blow molding machines in 2007, has become a significant force in the Chinese market with its offerings such as highly reliable machines, cost-effective systems to work effectively, part customization for specific requirements and notable after -sale service and maintenance. With its mission of providing maximum customer satisfaction and a desire to be a leading and trusted name in multiple industry sectors, Zhangjiagang Eceng Machinery Co.,Ltd deserves recognition and appreciation.

  • Lugar: Dongguan
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 2009
  • Number of employees: 40
  • Main product: blow molding machine, PET bottle blow molding machine
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (4)

Longsun Co., Ltd. is a force to be reckoned with in the global PET bottle blowing and water/edible oil/CSD/juice industries. They strive to be the most responsive and reliable partner by offering first-class machines and efficient, reliable and energy-saving services. With its extensive list of certifications, including ISO 9001, CE and SGS, Longsun ensures that its machines meet the highest quality standards. Its innovative technologies, such as e.g. B. Tangle-free one-step blow molding machines with patented preform-finding technology ensure your customers are always one step ahead in this highly competitive industry. Plus, with a dedicated customer service team ready to ensure all queries are resolved quickly and efficiently, Longsun is the perfect choice for all your bottling needs!

  • Ort:Zhangjiagang
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 2009
  • Number of employees: 60
  • Main product: PET stretch blow molding (SBM) machine and injection molding preform
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (5)

WATON MACHINERY, founded in 2009, has earned an excellent reputation for providing world-class PET stretch blow molding machines and preform injection molds around the world. With their impressive turnkey project service, they have helped clients successfully set up PET bottle and preform production lines in 20 countries, from the United States to Russia, Thailand to South Africa, and Vietnam to Zambia. When you need a comprehensive method of manufacturing PET products on an industrial scale, you can trust WATON MACHINERY to get you there fast.

  • Place: Taizhou
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 1993
  • Number of employees: 60
  • Main product: blow molding machine, pet blow molding machine and molds
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (6)

TONVA (turnkey supplier from A-Z, 1993) is the complete package for all blow molding machines and moulds, all from a single source, so to speak. They have always been at the forefront of innovation, quality control, and world-class technology. They are certified by ISO9001:2008 international quality control system and CE and SGS certification. Due to this, they are able to export almost 400 sets of machines to different countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Argentina, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and even USA every year! Truly an example of their commitment to quality production and customer satisfaction!

  • Place: Taizhou
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 1989
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Main product: PET stretch blow molding machines, PE blow molding machines and blow molding machines
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (7)

Established in 1989, Taizhou Guangdu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd (ZQ Blow Molding Machine or ZQ Machinery) is now known as "The Master of Blow Moulds". – They have invested $11 million in their sprawling 50,000-square-foot manufacturing base. Engineers and technical experts with the convenient nickname "ZQ" specialize in PET stretch blow molding, Pe blow molding, and other specialized services. As the saying goes, they have built a reputation that speaks to their commitment to innovation and quality assurance! Exceptional reliability and affordable prices have kept them one step ahead for over 20 years of success. Are you ready for some real-time blow molding magic? Then quickly call your preferred ZQ branch!

  • Place: Ningbo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 2003
  • Number of employees: 50
  • Main product: stretch blow molding machine
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (8)

BRAVAN MACHINERY has been manufacturing quality stretch blow molding machines for over 20 years and offers a range of world class services. They use innovative equipment and technology for modern production systems and pride themselves on rigorous quality control procedures to bring you the very best in bottle blowing technology. Plus, their professional tips can help you with the full range of your bottle blowing needs! With products ranging from mineral water and juice bottles to medicine and cosmetic containers, you'll have everything you need for your business. And as if that weren't enough, Bravan is constantly releasing new designs that will exceed all customer expectations, so it's time to kick off 2021 with Bravan.

  • Location: Huzhou
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 2009
  • Number of employees: 90
  • Main product: PET preform injection machines and PET preform moulds, PET stretch blow molding machines and bottle blow molds, cap compression molding machines and cap molds
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (9)

Denmark is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to innovative factory solutions in the world of plastic packaging. This well-known company is located in Changxing, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, covering an area of ​​200,000 square meters. With fixed assets of US$115 million, Demark has 4 subsidiaries and manages sales and R&D bases in Shanghai. The products of this impressive company are exported to more than 100 countries around the world! And there's more: Demark operates under an innovative one-stop service system that includes plant design and planning, integrated production line integration, technical installation and commissioning, staff operational training, and comprehensive after-sales service. With such a matrix, Demark will get the job done professionally and efficiently!

  • Place: Taizhou
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 1969
  • Number of employees: 40
  • Main product: PET preform molding systems, cap molding production line, stretch blow molding equipment parts and extrusion blow molding machines.
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (10)

Mega Machinery is a respected name in the packaging and injection molding industry, specializing in PET preform molding systems, cap molding production lines, stretch blow molding lines, extrusion molding machines and blowing and various plastic molds for cars, pallets and boxes. With several years of experience and dozens of satisfied customers around the world, Mega Machinery has established itself as a leader in the industry.

Working with world-class partners who help us deliver world-class services and quality products at all times. We go beyond our subject matter expertise and technical knowledge, understanding customer requirements to customize machines to specific needs to enable high productivity efficiencies at an affordable cost.

  • Location: Guangzhou
  • Business Type: Manufacturing, Wholesale
  • Foundation year: 1999
  • The number of employees: 350
  • Main product: liquid packaging machines.
Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (11)

Tech-Long packaging machines have come a long way since their establishment in 1999. With 210,00 m² of production space and a world-class in-house machining center, they don't waste time! But it's not all serious business: their motto 'RUN FOR YOU' gives the impression that they're still having fun while working in what is arguably China's most dynamic area: Guangzhou. Apparently, all your hard work has paid off; Tech-Long is now Asia's leading bottling equipment manufacturer. Awesome! So if you're looking for professional equipment without the hassle, keep an eye out for Tech-Long!


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Top 10 PET bottle blow molding machine companies in China (14)


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What is the price of 4 cavity pet blowing machine? ›

4 Cavity Automatic PET Blowing Machine at Rs 1400000 | PET Blowing Machine in Howrah | ID: 12878359848.

What type of molding machine makes bottles? ›

Mostly the plastic bottles are made with blow molding machines. With the blow molding process, the manufacturer can produce a wide range of products can manufacture in various shapes and sizes. So, there are multiple industries are depending on the specific company that make plastic bottles as per requirement.

What is PET blow moulding? ›

The PET bottle blow moulding process works by reheating a pre-moulded PET preform which is then automatically positioned into a mould. High pressure food grade compressed air is then injected into the preform which expands to form the shape of the mould.

What is PET blowing machine used for? ›

These automatic pet blow moulding machines are used in manufacturing pet bottles, pet jars, plastic bottles, plastic jar, mineral water bottles and mineral water jars.

What are PET bottle preforms? ›

A preform is an intermediate product that is subsequently blown into a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container. Preforms vary in neck finish, weight, colour and shape, and are specifically designed to meet the needs of customers in different market segments.

How do I choose a molding machine? ›

To select the right unit for your plastic injection molding machine you must know part:
  1. Plastic material.
  2. Cycle time.
  3. Cooling time.
  4. Shot weight (part weight, cold runner weight and number of cavities)
  5. Peak injection pressure requirement.
  6. Plasticizing rate.
  7. Injection rate.
  8. Hold time and pressure.

How many types of plastic molding machines are there? ›

There are 5 types of plastic moulding that is considered to be the most effective and most popular. These 5 types are extrusion moulding, compression moulding, blow moulding, injection moulding and rotational moulding.

How many types of molding machines are there? ›

There are three types of injection molding machines, classified by the type of drive/motor — hydraulic, electric, or hybrid.

What are the three types of blow moulding? ›

There are three types of blow molding processes:
  • Injection Blow Molding. In injection blow molding, a blow or core rod is used throughout the process. ...
  • Extrusion Blow Molding. Extrusion blow molding can be continuous or intermittent. ...
  • Injection Stretch Blow Molding.

Who is making blow molds? ›

Leading Manufacturers
  • Western Industries Plastic Products LLC. Winfield, KS | 620-221-9464. ...
  • Blow Molded Products. Riverside, CA | 951-360-6055. ...
  • Iceberg Molding. Sturgis, MI | 269-651-9488. ...
  • Hi-Rel Plastics & Molding. Riverside, CA | 951-354-0258. ...
  • Blow Molded Solutions. ...
  • Valencia Plastics. ...
  • SPI Blow Molding LLC.

Why do blow molds cost so much? ›

Blow Molding Products

Even though production capacity is high, expensive tooling cost can be a barrier to entry. In addition, blow molding process has the ability to mold more complex parts, however additional processes such as infra-red welding and heat amplification are required therefore adding cost to the process.

What is the price of manual bottle blowing machine? ›

Manual Basic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine, Production Capacity (Bottles Per Hour): 1200BPH at Rs 400000 in Chennai.

What is the capacity of PET blowing machine? ›

Pet Jar Blowing Machine

Capacity: 2 ltr / 5ltr / 20ltr. Raw Material: PET. Mould Cavity: Single Cavity - 2 Cavity. Machine Type: Semi-Automatic.

How many plastic bottles are made per hour by PET injection moulding machine? ›

Two-stage technology machines with six blow moulds operating at around 4000 bottles per hour. Subsequent mould and cooling development increased the output to 6000 bottles per hour. Two stage PET processing includes: Making performs by Injection Molding.

Which is better plastic or PET bottle? ›

PET is the preferred for plastic bottles (and other uses) as it's 100% recyclable and highly sustainable. It can be recovered and recycled into new products again and again, reducing the amount of resources wasted.

What is PCR PET bottles? ›

Post-consumer resin (PCR) is an environmentally-friendly packaging option that many manufacturers are using in support of recycling programs, consumer demand, and to reduce their impact on landfills. PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics.

What is the difference between plastic bottles and PET bottles? ›

PET plastic is clear and glass-like while HDPE plastic is more opaque and flexible. Both are safe and are great options for consumables. HDPE bottles provide good stress crack resistance and impact strength along with a uniform wall thickness for better labeling and appearance.

Which is the cheapest molding process? ›

Urethane Casting is an excellent alternative to injection molding, but without the high upfront costs or long lead times of injection molding. A 'master pattern' of the product is created using CNC Machining or high-resolution 3D Printing with the required surface finish.

How do you price moulding? ›

How to Price Moulding – Introduction
  1. required footage = (UI + (moulding width x 4)) ÷ 6.
  2. price per foot = a formula that can be as simple as the price you want to charge or as complex as a formula that includes a cost (length, chop, or join), a markup and an amount per foot (several examples are given in this section)

How do you price molding? ›

Most people spend $1 to $15 per linear foot on the molding, with an additional $3 to $12 per linear foot for labor. Though not as common, high-end or custom molding could cost as much as $30 per linear foot, with an additional $15 to $20 per linear foot for labor.

What is the name of molding machine? ›

An injection molding machine (also spelled as injection moulding machine in BrE), also known as an injection press, is a machine for manufacturing plastic products by the injection molding process. It consists of two main parts, an injection unit and a clamping unit.

Which moulding is the most widely used moulding process? ›

Injection moulding is the most common method for manufacturing plastic parts, particularly in high volumes.

What is the best plastic injection molding machine? ›

  • All-electric Injection moulding machines.
  • Hydraulic Injection moulding machines.
  • Hybrid Injection moulding machines.
  • Vertical Injection moulding machines.
  • Elastomer Injection moulding machines.

What are the two types of moulding machine? ›

The types are: 1. Squeezers 2. Jolt Machines 3. Sand Slingers.

Who makes the best injection molding machines? ›

The Latest & Best Machines Available...
  • Arburg.
  • Battenfeld.
  • Cincinnati Milacron.
  • Engel.
  • Electric.
  • Husky.
  • JSW.
  • Krauss Maffei.

What machines are used to make plastic? ›

The injection molding machine is the most used processing machine in the plastic processing industry. Not only a large number of products can be directly produced by the injection molding machine, but it is also a piece of key equipment for the injection stretch blowing process.

What are the different types of blow molds? ›

In general, there are three main types of blow molding: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding (one stage), and injection stretch blow molding (two stages). In the extrusion blow molding process (EBM), plastic is melted and extruded into a hollow tube (a plastic parison).

What is the most commonly blow molded product? ›

HDPE is the world's #1 plastic and the most commonly blow molded plastic material. It's used in a vast array of products, including bottles for consumer liquids such as shampoo and motor oil, coolers, play structures, fuel tanks, industrial drums, and carrying cases.

What type of plastic is used in blow molding? ›

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE's desirable physical properties—including chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and a high strength-to-density ratio—make it one of the most popular blow molding materials.

Does anyone still make blow molds? ›

Believe it or not, blow molds are making a comeback. We've rounded up the best Christmas blow molds, including everything from toy soldiers and festive gift boxes to an adorable golden retriever donning a Santa hat. Retailers like Walmart, Lowe's and Ace Hardware still make the decorations today.

Are blow molds worth money? ›

Blow molds are one of the most expensive items on this list. There are specific ones that are very valuable like the santa's sleigh and reindeer blow mold (Which is featured in the movie Christmas Vacation).

How much does a blow mold cost? ›

Molds are not inexpensive; a new mold can cost anywhere between $5,000 – $100,000 depending on the size and complexity.

What is a disadvantage of blow moulding? ›

Disadvantages of blow moulding

Limited to hollow parts. Low strength. To increase barrier properties, multilayer parisons of different materials are used (thus not recyclable) Trimming is necessary to make wide neck jars spin. Limited to thermoplastics (rotational moulding can be used with thermosets)

When did they stop making blow molds? ›

From mid-century through the 1990s, numerous plastic blow mold manufacturers closed. Beco, Poloron, Santa's Best and others are just a few well-known blow mold houses from the now bygone era.

How do I identify a vintage blow mold? ›

Be sure to turn your blow mold over to look for any markings. Many times these markings will be embossed, and if they are there, they can be usually seen easily. In addition, sometimes there will be a date listed as well, and that is an instant way to determine if your blow mold is old. This is the front of a new one.

How much does a reusable bottle cost? ›

High-end reusable water can cost upwards of $50. Cheap and nasty ones can cost less than $15. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for, and cheaper bottles can be a false economy in many ways. Numerous factors determine the cost of your water bottle, including.

How much is a pressure PET bottle? ›

In literature it can be found that the working pressure of a standard soda PET bottle is 0.5 MPa and has a diameter of 2r = 64 mm. As a safety factor we take 2.5. 70 MPa is the tensile strength of PET at room temperature.

Is PET bottle manufacturing profitable? ›

In today's world, the PET bottle manufacturing business is one of the most beneficial and lucrative business opportunities with its low setup cost and a large number of bulk consumers/end users.

How thick is a PET bottle? ›

Manufactured by a process of extrusion blow-moulding (EBM) from PET (polyethylene) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene), plastic bottles will vary in wall thickness, commonly measuring between 0.010” to 0.035” (0.25 mm to 0.89 mm) depending upon their intended use and the characteristics of the product they will ...

Are PET bottles air tight? ›

PETE Plastic Bottles Create Air-Tight Environment

The oxygen absorbers remove the oxygen from the container long enough to ensure that adult insect, larva, and eggs are all killed.

What manufacturing process is used to make bottles? ›

This can be done through one of two processes called polymerisation and polycondensation. delivered to bottle manufacturers in pellet, powder, flake or liquid form – provides the basic plastic for making a plastic bottle.

What is the moulding process in the image that is used to make bottles? ›

Extrusion blow molding is a process used to form hollow thermoplastic objects (especially bottles and containers).

Which fabrication process is used to make plastic bottles? ›

How are plastic bottles made? Bottles are usually formed through blow molding, although there are several techniques, including reheat and blow molding, extrusion blow molding, and reciprocating blow molding.

What is the raw material for PET bottle manufacturing? ›

Main raw material is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) confirming to IS: 12252. PET is supplied by the resin manufacturers in the form of small pellets, each about 0.05 grams.

How do I start a bottle manufacturing business? ›

Followings the mandatory licenses required to set up a PET Bottle manufacturing plant in India:
  1. Business registration. ...
  2. GST Registration. ...
  3. NOC from the State Pollution Control Board. ...
  4. Factory License. ...
  5. Fire NOC. ...
  6. Udyog Aadhar registration. ...
  7. Trademark License.

How are PET bottles manufactured? ›

Quite simply, PET is formed by ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. These two elements are combined to form pellets of PET plastic. To produce plastic bottles, the PET is polymerised to create long molecular chains which undergo a manufacturing process to turn it into the end product.

What is the most common method of moulding plastics? ›

Injection molding (IM) works by injecting molten thermoplastic into a mold. It is the most widely used process for mass manufacturing of plastic parts.

How does a bottle blowing machine work? ›

The neck ending catches and holds while the bottom end pinches closed as the tube closes. A blow-pin is interested into the neck end of the hot parison while compressed air inflates it to the shape of the mold cavity. Simultaneously, the process creates the threaded opening.


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